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Partners Joins the Talar Family

Talar Capital Partners, the nation’s leading community of Foot and Ankle specialists, has chosen Partner’s Capital Group as its official financing partner. This partnership will bring Partners’ expertise in medical and therapeutic financing to Talar members with exceptional discounts.

Talar Capital Partners Logo

Partners joins the ranks of companies like Medline, SureFit and Provista in bringing immense value to members across the country specifically for Foot and Ankle Specialists. Talar also provides industry best practices, education and updates aimed at helping specialists achieve the best possible patient outcomes. Everything from bandaids to cell phone service is available to Talar members at discount just for being a member.

With Partners Capital Group, Foot and Ankle specialists will be able to finance major equipment to modernize, build and grow their practices. Not just for major practitioners, the wide variety of programs available through Partners makes equipment leasing, loaning and financing within the reach of any specialist.

If you are interested in making Partners a part of your community, email us at or call 866.417.8326.


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