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Quick Competitive Financing in 5 easy steps… Here is how it works.


1) Choose your Vendor and Equipment
You decide what equipment you need, and negotiate your best price. You can use national or local vendors– wherever you find the best price or service. Used equipment is not a problem. We can group multiple vendors on a single lease. If you don’t have a vendor in mind, call your Account Manager. We may be able to recommend someone in your area.


2) Fill out a simple one-page application (for financing up to $500,000)
There is no need to drag out any financial statements or tax returns. Just fill out our simple application. Click here to download the application.


3) Choose your financing options
Here is where you choose what type of financing best suits your budgetary needs. Offering several leasing options in ‘Plain English’, we make them easy to understand.


4) Choose your payment options
Once you have picked the lease that best suits your business needs, you tell us how you want to pay. Payment Flexibility is another benefit of conducting business with Partners Capital Group. Our various payment plan options can accommodate all sorts of payment requirements.


5) Sign your agreement
We’ll send lease documents for you to sign and then issue a Purchase Order to your vendor. In order to expedite your transaction, we can even e-mail you your lease documents – ask your Account Manager about this feature.




The vendor ships the equipment to your business and bills Partners Capital Group. When you tell us that the equipment is running to your satisfaction, we pay your vendor (This protects you from unrealistic vendor promises).

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