Partners Capital Group is one of the largest privately held independent finance companies in the United States that specializes in equipment financing. Partners Capital has extensive experience in all business sectors and works with business’ and equipment vendors nationwide. We develop customer-tailored financing programs backed by aggressive rates and rapid funding to help our customers maximize their profits and reduce their expenses.
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Welcome to Partners Capital

Partners Capital Group is a diversified, financial services company that provides creative financing programs for our customers. We serve a diverse range of industries and markets, providing customized approaches to meet the unique needs of manufacturers, distributors and end-users.

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Understand that financing pays for itself. Your profits come from the use of the equipment, not the ownership of it.

When you finance a computer, it earns its worth because you pay for it as you use it. Would you pay your office staff their salaries three years in advance? By financing your computers with monthly payments, you don’t have to pay for the whole thing up front. You can keep that cash free to invest in appreciating profit-making assets. Your new equipment makes money while your liquid capital is retained. That’s effective cost management.

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